Truck control system

Truck control system

Owners of transport enterprises sooner or later face the issue of cost reduction. It is necessary to solve it in order to remain competitive in the Russian market.

Reducing staff or saving on equipment can adversely affect the quality of transportation. Risks will only increase, and costs will not decrease.

Improving transportation through the use of optimal transportation and combined transport does not always give the desired effect. Truck drivers continue to drive unauthorized routes and follow outside the areas in which GSM operators track their movement.

To control freight transport, many enterprises resort to installing GLONASS equipment. With its help, it is possible to optimize the routes of traffic depending on the given conditions. Owners of fleets thanks to the monitoring system also maintain the level of disciplinary responsibility of drivers.

truck control

System benefits

The implementation of a truck monitoring system helps to solve a number of problems that are relevant for fleets:

  • Monitoring vehicle routes helps to eliminate the misuse of trucks and theft.
  • Regulation of fuel consumption with the help of additional equipment;
  • Fuel discharge and underfilling control;
  • Automation of dispatchers;
  • Improving the transport logistics system;
  • Tracking the behavior of drivers while driving;
  • Transport safety and personnel safety through the installation of a panic button kit and speakerphone.

The truck control system consists of the following equipment:

  • GPS / GLONASS tracker Global;
  • Software developed by KGC Global;
  • Additional equipment for GPS and GLONASS satellite vehicle monitoring.