How to choose a GPS tracker for a car?

How to choose a GPS tracker for a car?

Commercial organizations associated with transportation, are looking daily for ways to improve the efficiency of their fleets. They use GPS trackers to optimize routes and control the use of vehicles for their intended purpose. Tracking devices can also come in handy in the event of a car theft.

To accurately determine the location of the car, two-system GPS and GLONASS beacons are used, which communicate with the satellite system. Thus, the owner of the fleet receives the exact coordinates of the car, regardless of the location in which it is located.

LBS navigation can be activated additionally. It collects signals from cellular stations and tracks the location of the vehicle in the absence of a satellite signal.

A tracker installed in transport using a GSM SIM card transmits data to the car owner. You can track the movement of a vehicle even from a phone or tablet, if the GPRS protocol is supported.

Features of choosing a tracker for a car

Vehicle tracking devices differ in the following parameters:

  • installation method;
  • device size;
  • the presence of additional features.

Experts advise choosing a small tracker so that it can be hidden in the car. The absence of external antennas and autonomous power will also help make the device invisible to attackers.

In addition, when choosing a tracker, you should pay attention to the battery life and the accuracy of determining the coordinates of the car.

Comparative characteristics of trackers

The Global GPS / GLONASS tracker is one of the most popular models. The device determines the location of the vehicle via the GPS receiver, and sends the received readings to the KGK monitoring system. The device works from remote antennas that transmit signals from satellites and a GSM network. The T6me tracker is easy to mount and shows the exact coordinates of the vehicle.

GPS / GLONASS Global is most often chosen for buses and trucks. The model has a built-in panic button, which the driver can use in the event of an emergency on the road.

The Global GPS / GLONASS tracker provides a set of speakerphone and an external SIM card, panic button and USB input.