Keep track of fuel consumption, receive notifications of drains

Fuel prices are rising, while dishonest drivers receive additional income through fraud, draining the fuel of vehicles entrusted to them. Due to fuel drains and car mileage, you could lose a large amount every month.

Fuel report generation settings

Monitoring. Fuel report generation settings.

Fuel level graph

Detailed report. Fuel level graph.

With to the introduction of fuel control, you can not only identify fuel drain by drivers, but also monitor the actual fuel consumption of the vehicle. As such, you can optimize the fuel rate for each piece of equipment in your fleet.

We carry out installation and maintenance of our equipment anywhere in Russia. We also have a representative office in Ukraine and Brazil. Your location is not a problem for us.

Our customers get different results depending on the honesty of their drivers, but on average fuel costs are reduced by 20% in the first month.

An accurate fuel level sensor is installed in the fuel tank of your vehicles, which transmits data to the monitoring system. Any deviation is recorded and displayed in the fuel reports. If you connect fuel cards to the system, then the reports will additionally display the difference between the fuel paid for at the gas station and actually poured into the tank.