About Us

Since 2006, KGK, a design and engineering company, has been a leading developer and manufacturer of a professional Fleet Managing System which is called GLOBAL. Our satellite monitoring system uses both GPS and GLONASS. GLOBAL can be utilized in all kinds of vehicles. Our tracker is manufactured in Russia. KGK maintains the highest international standards in regards to quality assurance and quality control during the manufacturing of trackers. In addition, KGK has gained considerable experience in the development of related software. Our R&D group continues to work towards finding new ways to improve and enhance our products and services.

We strive to help our customers to increase their effectiveness in monitoring their vehicles. As you know, one of the most acute problems with vehicle monitoring is the lack of or information falsification on the vehicle's condition, location etc.

We ensure that the possibility of the universal system GLOBAL and the quality of our services meet the highest requirements of the different transport sectors with the features of business processes.

Over the years, KGK has acquired extensive experience in the development and monitoring of the Fleet Management. We continuously work to streamline and modernize our system.

Today we are a strategic partner of many major companies.

We do not stand still, constantly improving and developing not only in the sphere of monitoring, but also in other areas of electronics.