How to unlock an enterprise card for a tachograph?

How to unlock an enterprise card for a tachograph?

For the operation of the tachograph, a mandatory element of the registration of traffic is necessary - a special card. It performs several basic functions:

  • accounting of working hours of the driver;
  • vehicle driver identification.

How to use a driver card?

Before starting work, the driver of the transport must insert the card into the device and activate it using the PIN code. With the beginning of the movement of the car, the card will begin to record periods of work and rest. In some cases, data recording occurs automatically.

After the car stops completely and the engine is turned off, the driver must remove the card from the device.

Card lock

There are situations when the tachograph does not read the driver’s card. This can happen due to its blocking. In this situation, you cannot use the device. Without activating the card, data will not be recorded.

A blocked card will also not allow you to record information about the driver. An attempt to start the movement of a vehicle with a blocked card will lead to incorrect use of the device, which, in turn, is subject to a fine by the traffic police.

Reasons for blocking

Card blocking can occur for several reasons:

  • Incorrectly entered PIN code when activating the card. If the driver forgot the PIN code and entered it incorrectly three times, his actions can lead to the blocking of the card.
  • Removing a pin code.
  • Expired. Tachograph cards for drivers and enterprises are valid for three years, for workshops - for a year. Using an expired card will block it.
  • Damaged chip. The data that the card writes is stored on the chip. If it fails, the card will stop reading.
  • Damaged reader. Sometimes everything is fine with the card, but not with the tachograph. In this case, you should contact the workshop for help.

The card may be blocked during the transfer of information from the chip to the PC. Here the problem can be both in the card itself and in the program used to record data.

What to do if the card is locked?

If the problem arose due to an incorrectly entered PIN code, use the PUK code to unlock. The driver gets it along with the card. It is better to store the codes in the car so that you can see this information at any time.

When the PUK code is entered, the driver will be able to set a new PIN code and use the tachograph card again.

In case of loss of the PUK code, you must contact the company that issued the driver or company a tachograph card. The driver will be asked for his passport data. After a while, the company will issue a duplicate activation code.

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If the card is locked due to an expired or malfunctioning chip, it will not be possible to unlock the card yourself. The driver needs to seek help from the appropriate organization by providing the necessary documents.

If the problem of the card’s malfunctioning is connected with the registration device’s malfunction, then you won’t have to change the card. A machine with a tachograph installed in it must be sent to the workshop for examination. Specialists will identify the cause of the malfunction and eliminate errors in the software.