Employee tracking system at transport enterprises

Employee tracking system at transport enterprises

One of the main principles of a successful business is the constant monitoring of work processes. This is especially true of transport enterprises and fleets. In this area, the human factor plays an important role, so it is important to monitor the work of employees.

How do taxi drivers cheat?

Taxi fleet owners often encounter dishonest drivers who cheat not only passengers, but also their employers. Such employees take orders “on board” - caught on the street. For passengers, taxi drivers usually come up with their own tariffs, and take the money they earn.

Often, taxi drivers add additional services to the fare without informing the client. The driver can post information about the presence of animal or luggage in the car's interior. As a result, the price of the trip rises. Such fraud is difficult to trace to customers and employers.

If the client did not immediately get in a taxi and did not cancel the order, the driver can take another passenger and take him to the destination for cash. The customer’s card (if he chose this method of payment) will be charged the amount of the order. Owing to such tricks, fleet owners lose large sums of money.

Sometimes taxi drivers themselves create short orders and “catch” them. Such a scheme works as follows: a taxi driver creates a minimum order and accepts it from another device. Then the driver arrives at the neighboring house and receives payment for the trip from the provider.

How to control?

To stop unauthorized trips and cheating by the driver, there is an effective way. The GPS / GLONASS satellite tracking system allows you to monitor the work of drivers of the fleet and track their location. Owners of transport enterprises receive reliable information about the work of their employees and save money.

GPS monitoring of vehicles helps to monitor employees in real time from any place where there is Internet access - you can select equipment from the link . Such functionality gives full control over the transport business.