GPS/GLONASS terminal FORT-112EG-M - a new generation of communication devices that implements the functions of satellite navigation equipment (ASN) or emergency call devices (UVEOS).

Government Decision No. 153 of February 13, 2018, added requirements for the equipment of vehicles that transport dangerous goods and passengers (categories M2, M3, N1, N2, N3) with GLONASS/GPS devices (ASN terminals) with ERA-GLONASS SIM cards.

3 year warranty

3 year warranty

Device Reliability Index.

Two devices in one

Two devices in one

Combines the capabilities of two devices.

Capacious internal battery

Capacious internal battery

With the ability to quickly access and replace.



The device itself checks its performance and the availability of software updates.

If the equipment (satellite navigation equipment) was installed before 04/13/2018 (the devices must support the EGTS data transfer protocol, have a scan copy of the ASN passport, a scan copy of the act confirming the installation of the ASN until 04/15/2018), then you only need to install a SIM card ERA-GLONASS, as indicated in PP No. 153. The necessary data via the USIM-card of the ERA-GLONASS system will be transferred to ROSTRANSNADZOR.

Dear carriers, in connection with the entry into force of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 13, 2018 No. 153 and the frequent cases of receipt by the carriers of the instructions of ROSTRANSNADZOR, we offer to promptly provide a range of services to fulfill the requirements of the Decree.

Device features
Vehicle categories for installation
  • The FORT-112EG-M terminal provides:

    Collection of telemetry information using dry contact sensors, as well as using data transmission interfaces;

    Voice reception and transmission;

    Receiving signals from GLONASS and GPS satellites and determining the geographical coordinates of an object;

    Determination in the automatic mode of the occurrence of a road traffic accident;

    Emergency call in automatic and manual modes;

    Transferring a minimum data set to a dispatch center;

    Transmission via GSM and UMTS network to the server of telemetric information about the state of the object, its geographical coordinates, trajectory and motion parameters;

    Object remote control;

    Performance of a number of service functions;

    Self diagnosis.

  • Supply voltage 8...40V
    RS485 1
    RS232 1
    GNSS antenn type External
    GSM antenn type Internal
    Battery Yes
    Support EGTS Yes
    Bluetooth No
    Support FLS (Fuel Level sensor) Yes
    Handsfree Yes
    SMS Yes
    Number of Recording Points 150 000
    GSM 900/1800 МHz
    UMTS Yes
    Generation of data transfer technology 3G
    Wi-Fi Standart No
  • Vehicle Categories

    for the mandatory installation of GLONASS in accordance with Decree No. 153

    M2 buses weighing not more than 5 tons and the number of seats in addition to the driver is not more than 8, carrying passengers;
    M3 buses weighing more than 5 tons and the number of seats in addition to the driver is more than 8, carrying passengers;
    N1 vehicles with a maximum mass of not more than 3.5 tons, carrying transportation of dangerous goods;
    N2 vehicles with a maximum mass of over 3.5 tons, but not more than 12 tons, carrying transportation of dangerous goods;
    N3 vehicles with a maximum mass of more than 12 tons, carrying transportation of dangerous goods;

    Exceptions for installing GLONASS at 153 PP

    The following vehicles are excluded:

    “The requirements stipulated by these Rules do not apply to vehicles used to provide agencies that provide for the military and equivalent service, internal affairs bodies, and also used by individuals for needs not related to entrepreneurial activity.”

    That is, the equipment does not need to be installed on vehicles belonging to the military, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and individuals using cars for personal purposes.

Manufacturer Certifications:

The procedure

for the owners of vehicles


Vehicle owner

Equipping a vehicle (TS) with satellite communications equipment (ASN).


Vehicle owner

Provision of information by GLONASS JSC for placement in the GAIS ERA-GLONASS and supporting documents. The completed table "Complete information ..." and copies of documents are submitted in electronic form.



Verification of information and documents.


Vehicle owner

Conclusion of an Agreement with GLONASS JSC for the provision of ASN identification services in GAIS ERA-GLONASS, ensuring the determination and transfer to the Federal Transport Supervision Service, including a contract for communication services, with the possibility of connecting additional services.


Vehicle owner

Obtaining a personal universal subscriber’s identification card containing a profile of a mobile radiotelephone communication network supporting the operation of GAIS ERA-GLONASS (USIM card) or activation of a built-in authentication and identification chip in GAIS ERA-GLONASS.


Vehicle owner

Installing a USIM card and then configuring it. It is carried out independently or with the involvement of a third-party contracting organization.



Equipping a vehicle (TS) with satellite communications equipment (ASN)