Tachograph ATOL Drive 5

Developed by ATOL and produced in Russia, a digital automobile tachograph with a cryptographic information protection system (CPSI). It fully complies with the requirements of Russian legislation and has passed the necessary certification.

Particular attention in creating Drive 5 was given to the use of advanced technologies. As an element base Drive 5 uses special products designed for use on cars. Drive 5 tachograph has successfully passed all the necessary tests, including climatic, protection against external influences, resource, electromagnetic compatibility.

A printout from a digital tachograph contains:

  • date & time
  • cardholder information
  • vehicle identification number
  • operating/resting modes of the driver by date
  • date and time of entering and removing the driver card

The functions implemented in Drive 5 allow not only to provide the level of safety required by law when operating vehicles, but also to increase transport efficiency by analyzing the data stored in the device logs.

Price: check the price with the manager

* - additionally paid activation, installation and calibration.

2 year warranty

2 year warranty

From the moment the tachograph was commissioned.

Easy element replacement procedure

Easy element replacement procedure

The cryptographic information protection unit and the battery can be replaced without opening the main unit of the device.

Individual settings

Individual settings

10 colors, with the ability to easily customize by the driver.

Printing mechanism

Printing mechanism

With easy ribbon replacement and the fastest printer among similar devices.

Robust antenna connectors

Robust antenna connectors

FACRA type, with increased resistance to vibration and physical impacts.

Expansion slot

Expansion slot

Allows you to connect other on-board devices, such as a GPS tracker or fuel level sensor.

  • Convenient

    The battery is replaced by specialized workshops without opening the main body

    Replacement of the cryptographic information protection unit is carried out by specialized workshops without opening the main body

    FAKRA connector for connecting GPS / GLONASS and GSM antennas

    A mounting kit, European-style pullers and a set of seals, as well as detailed installation and operation documentation are supplied in the kit

    For calibration, use both common European calibrators and the available USB Am-Am cable


    The expansion slot for installing an additional module allows you to integrate monitoring, fuel level monitoring solutions, as well as ERA-GLONASS terminals

    <>Customizable multi-color display and keyboard backlighting

    USB and k-line interfaces

    Print speeds up to 100 mm / s

    GSM modem with 2 SIM cards (optional)

    Uploading data in standard European format to data mover devices or USB flash drives.


    Certified for installation on vehicles carrying dangerous goods

    Compatible with all makes and models of vehicles

    The design is resistant to mechanical stresses, both standard and random

    Compatible with 8-36 V supply voltage

    Consumes 1 W power

    Has a certificate of conformity for use in explosive atmospheres

    Has protection against card blocking

    The tachograph has a basic limited factory warranty. The warranty period is 24 months from the date of commissioning of the tachograph.

  • Compliance with the Order of the Ministry of Transport No. 36; (works with CIPF, entered into the register of tachographs of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Rosavtotrans) Yes
    Approved for installation on vehicles designed for the transport of dangerous goods Yes
    Data storage when external power is off not less than 365 days
    Daily Vehicle Usage Records not less than 365 pcs
    Supports One-minute Rule Yes
    Functional Extension Modules Yes
    Supply Voltage 8-36V
    Maximum current consumption 3A
    Current consumption in non-print mod 0.1A
    Tachograph Operating Temperature Range -40…+70°С
    Printer Operating Temperature Range -30…+70°С
    Print Speed at least 50 mm / sec
    Dimensions of thermochemical paper: - Width
    - Maximum outer diameter of the roll

    58 (-1 / + 0) mm
    30 mm
    Resource of the printer head (printed reports) at least 100 km
    Resource of each button at least 150,000 clicks
    Installation Location 1 DIN Socket (ISO7736)
    Display Backlight Type RGB
  • About the ATOL Drive 5 Tachograph

    General information about the device. Description of the possibilities, the procedure for working with the device as a driver or as an employee of the enterprise performing control functions.

    Installing the ATOL Drive5 Tachograph

    Detailed video instruction for employees of specialized technical centers. Installation of the device: necessary tools, additional components, procedure for performing work.