Rotation sensor

A rotation or motion sensor is used in systems to monitor rotating or moving mechanisms

Mostly the sensor is used to monitor concrete trucks ("mixers"). With the help of a rotation sensor, all unloadings of the concrete truck are easily tracked and its route is controlled with the “mixer” turned on.

Price: 3 900 RUR

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

On all devices of own production.



Installation on various road and special equipment is possible.



Long life of the device during active use.

Other application examples:

On construction cranes. When installing the rotation sensor on the winch shaft, it is easy to control the intensity of the crane.

On drilling equipment. The speed sensor is used to control the depth of drilling based on an analysis of the revolutions made by the shaft of the lifting winch.

On municipal vehicles. To control the vehicle speed as well as speed of the conveyor belt on sand-spreading cars.

The rotation sensors produced by us differ from others on the market in terms of their reliability, great functionality, convenient installation and low price.