Engine hours sensor

A device that determines the condition of internal combustion engines and other mechanisms. The device calculates the exact running time of the engine, which gives transparent statistics on fuel consumption.

The functionality of the sensor is based on analysis of the vibration monitors of the unit, their amplitude and frequency. The received information is transmitted to the satellite monitoring terminal. Thus, the owner of a vehicle equipped with a motor hours sensor can always monitor the real fuel consumption.

Price: 3 900 RUR*

* - Installation and calibration from 5 000 RUR (for the Moscow region).
Specify the final cost at the manager of sales department.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

On all devices of own production.



Installation on various road and special equipment is possible.

Heat resistance

Heat resistance

The device stably works in a wide temperature range.



The service life of the device during daily use is 7 years.

Principle of operation
Sensor Options
  • Operating temperature range from -400°C to +800°C
    Supply voltage 9 - 36V
    Current consumption 0,05А
    The service life of the device during daily use 7 year
  • Principle of operation and application of the sensor

    The device analyzes the electrical signals of the sensor using an electronic module. At the output, it produces positive or zero potentials that report the operation or downtime of the engine.

    It will not work to deceive the sensor, because during installation, its parameters are tuned specifically for the unit it is installed on. The sensor cover is sealed after installation, so any unauthorized manipulation with the device will be noticed.

    Monitoring the operation of the equipment helps to ensure timely service for the actual hours worked. This allows not only to save money, but also to track maintenance time on time.

  • Hour Monitoring Sensor Options

    acoustic sensor;

    sensor unit;

    sensor mount kit;

    fuse holder;

    fuse 1А;

    plastic seal;

    10 cable ties.