How to control the operation of agricultural machinery using GPS?

How to control the operation of agricultural machinery using GPS?

Owners of agricultural enterprises often encounter dishonest employees. The human factor, in turn, affects the business as a whole. Companies suffer losses due to the fact that they can not track and timely respond to incidents that happen at work. The GPS tracking system is a modern tool, the use of which helps to reduce the cost of maintaining agricultural machinery. Provides fleet control through logistics automation technologies, satellite monitoring. The system can be used on any modern agricultural machinery. It works autonomously, does not require the interaction of standard equipment systems. To work with the monitoring system, you need a personal computer or mobile device with Internet access and, of course, a GPS tracker installed on vehicles.

Operation of a satellite monitoring system

A GPS tracker is installed inside agricultural machinery and connected to a system whose parameters are controlled by the customer. Tracking the movement of equipment occurs in real time. In the event of an emergency, the driver sends an alarm to the operator by pressing the “panic button”. Available reports in the system simplify the analysis of the performance of a single vehicle and the fleet as a whole. GPS trackers installed on agricultural machinery can be supplemented with a speakerphone kit, fuel consumption sensor and other equipment.

Advantages of implementing a vehicle monitoring system

The implementation of the monitoring system allows you to solve many of the issues that transport companies face daily. To control the movement of special equipment, the preparation of a separate workplace is not required, since access to the database is carried out from any devices with Internet access. Employees do not need to undergo special training, since special knowledge will not be required to use the system. Another advantage is the ability to store vehicle movement history over a long period of time. Monitoring works with a large number of open cards. This is another plus.

Features of the monitoring system of agricultural machinery

The monitoring system of agricultural machinery allows you to control the operating modes of vehicles. In addition, the implementation of the system helps:

  • Prevent misuse of special equipment;
  • Improve the efficiency of using the fleet;
  • Prevent possible theft of fuel;
  • Reduce vehicle repair costs;
  • Detect unscrupulous employees;
  • Monitor statistics and analysis of the fleet.